They trust TransLangues

I work regularly with TransLangues for often highly specialised translation assignments in the healthcare field. I can always rely on getting a response to my request within the hour and my deadlines are always met. What’s more, Muriel has built up a powerful network of first rate translators, of different nationalities, each specialising in a specific field, which she can activate efficiently whenever the need arises. Even so the final proofreading and delivery of the document are always done through her, thereby guaranteeing a piece of work that can be used right away. Last but not least TransLangues’ rates are always competitive when compared with the competition.”
Juliette B.
Agence Presse-Papiers, Healthcare Communication and Media Relations Consultant

I appreciated our collaboration with Muriel very much indeed. It involved the French adaptation of several training modules on leadership that we had designed with Rober Dilts, an internationally renowned American author. The theme was complex and needed a lot of adaptation to appeal to a French audience. In fact, it was a question of identifying the right conceptual vocabulary and replacing the cultural examples and references that were too distinct. Muriel did an excellent job thanks to her sense of organisation, her remorseless thoroughness, her willingness to listen and her ability to get to the very nub of these training courses. The work she did was top quality, despite the sustained time pressure we imposed because the subject was strategic for CrossKnowledge.”
Olivier Terrée
Solutions Development Manager, Crossknowledge

We have been working with Muriel Mattiussi-Kirchhof for several years and really appreciate what she does. She covers a lot of different fields and adopts the right style and vocabulary. She has helped us out several times with an urgent lexicographical problem for our customers. I would particularly like to emphasise her skills in the financial area.”
Roger Koch
Founder and CEO, Diction AG, Switzerland

An initial 3-day SEO & Content training kick-started our 100K words translation project in a very valuable way. We learnt from each other and built well working relationships that lasted throughout the half year that we worked together on this project. In addition, Muriel’s dedication and professional expertise made it a smooth trip until the goal.”
Emelie Freme
EF Education First

Collaboration with Translangues on my economic and financial projects has been a real asset for my clients. Muriel’s professionalism, availability and flexibility meant we could organise cross translations/revisions with the continuous assurance of an excellent quality service within often very tight dealines.”
Gwen Gondry
Founder and General Manager, Lingualliance