Language services in French, English, German and Dutch – Finance, aeronautics, business communication

The core business of TransLangues is the translation of documents from English, German and Dutch into French in the fields of finance, transport/tourism and business communication.


Services provided

Translation of specialist (finance, transport, tourism, education, marketing) or editorial (press releases, corporate brochures) texts

Proofreading for translation quality control (global or targeted) or directly from a text written in French, for improvement and/or adaptation

Multilingual project management with different degrees of technicality, resource management and client/production (translators, proofreaders) interface. On-site or remote working.

Related services

  • Creating glossaries in connection with a new project or on the basis of existing documents
  • Alignment for creating translation memories
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of translated text
  • Transcription of foreign language texts

For further details, view Muriel Mattiussi-Kirchhof’s CV


Working languages

In accordance with professional ethics, all texts are translated into the translator’s mother tongue only. Muriel Mattiussi-Kirchhof, founder of TransLangues, translates and proofreads from English, German and Dutch into French.

Other language combinations can be offered in collaboration with other quality professionals in the context of a Translation+proofreading assignment.


Pooling of translators / project managers

Although an independent company, TransLangues has an extensive network in the world of translation and related services.

Contact TransLangues when your projects need a number of translators or project managers and you will receive a global and transparent proposal based on supplying the services of reliable network collaborators.