Software tools at the service of quality translations

Translation is first and foremost an intellectual process which requires not only an in-depth knowledge of a foreign language, combined with perfect mastery of one’s mother tongue, but also real familiarity with the area of specialisation. No computer system can replace human intervention. Translation has evolved, however, and nowadays it relies on certain tools aimed at facilitating and accelerating the production of a translated message.

TransLangues has a dual computer environment and a regular backup system, so interruptions can be minimised in the event of breakdown. Your documents are in good hands!

Our software

  • Office software: Office Suite (2016), Acrobat Writer (proofreading with annotations), file encryption tools
  • Translation Memory: used in virtually all projects for greater intra- and inter-textual coherence

TransLangues has a Studio 2017 licence and can also work with other programs on demand (MemoQ, Transit, etc.).



  • Specialist dictionaries and glossaries both traditional and online


Keeping up-to-date
Taking part in professional training courses and regular exchanges within a network assure you of the latest professional developments for your projects.